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Step into the world of Ambassador Auctioneers, where a journey that began in 1999 has evolved into a thriving platform committed to serving not just the local community, but also the diplomatic sector, retailers, and major insurers. Specializing in managing disposals for embassies and diplomatic

missions, our dedication to excellence led us to adopt the name Ambassador Auctioneers. Beyond our roots, we’ve become a prominent player in insurance salvage, handling substantial volumes year after year. Our pledge to build enduring partnerships is rooted in trust, reliability, and exceptional service.

Join us on this remarkable journey as we set the standard for excellence in the auction industry, leveraging our extensive experience, knowledge, and unwavering commitment to deliver an unparalleled auction experience where every auction is an opportunity, and every partnership is built to last.

Why Us?

Choose Ambassador Auctioneers for an unparalleled auction experience, where our strengths and values set us apart:

Experienced Team: Our team brings a hands-on approach with extensive experience in the auction industry. Guided by auctioneers with extensive expertise, we navigate the auction landscape with confidence and proficiency.

Flat Management Structure: We prioritize delivering exceptional service to our clients by maintaining a flat management structure. This ensures a streamlined and responsive decision-making process, placing client satisfaction at the forefront of our operations.

Dedication to Knowledge: Our solutions are meticulously designed to benefit both sellers and buyers, reflecting our dedication as a knowledgeable auction team.

Strategic Marketing: Ambassador Auctioneers employs effective advertising and targeted marketing strategies to maximize the recovery value of assets.

Efficient Administration: Our commitment to efficiency extends to our administration and accounting practices. We ensure a seamless process from registration to payment, facilitating swift and hassle-free transactions for all parties involved.

Transparent Communication: Open and ongoing communication is a cornerstone of our operations. We believe in keeping our clients informed and involved throughout the auction process, fostering transparency and trust.

At Ambassador Auctioneers, we don’t just conduct auctions; we orchestrate experiences built on a foundation of experience, dedication, and transparent practices.


Our Statement

At Ambassador Auctioneers, our relentless pursuit of excellence guides every aspect of our operations, as we aim to surpass expectations and deliver the highest standard of service and performance across all sectors.

Our vision is centred around expanding the auction concept by offering innovative disposal solutions that benefit both buyers and sellers. We strive to maintain long-term relationships with our clients, recognizing the integral role they play in our continued growth and success.

We firmly believe that the true measure of our capabilities lies in the outcome of our most recent auction. This belief fuels our constant drive to enhance all aspects of our business.

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